Feedstock, fabrication and recycling

  • Polypropylene (PP) – 100% recyclable
  • Fabrication through injection
  • Recycled feedstock use available
  • Possibility of recycling up to 5 times without significant property loss
  • Durability over 5 years
  • Chemically inert: no risk of contamination or chemical reactions within the samples
  • Due to its lightness, it can be transported in a larger quantity, which decreases delivery costs

Resistance, volume and weight

  • Max load: 30 kg (per box)
  • Max stack: 300 kg (10 boxes)
  • Weight: 1,54 kg
  • Volume: 0,019 m3

Identification area

Stand for metal platelets with soil probing data

Measurement easiness

Centimetric scales in the boxes’ corners that make measuring and describing activities easier

It does not hold water

Holes at the bottom of the box avoid water accumulation and, subsequently, weight increase